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The innovative way to manage real estates

Our two solutions HomeMaker Showroom & HomeMaker Service help you manage your buyer's interest stage to after market management.Visualize the surfaces of your properties, keep your data in order, in one system, and at the same time use the real estate world's perhaps most flexible system for handling warranty commitments & fault reports.

HomeMaker – a complement to your
real estate system

Today, most companies have a real estate system, a finance system and a CRM system, often with several different modules and other complementary systems. Historically, the real estate industry’s systems have been closed to varying degrees, which has not benefited the power of innovation and development opportunities.

Nowadays, modern systems usually have open API:s, which is a structured way of retrieving and leaving data between two software programs. HomeMaker has an open API which enables integrations with the systems you use. With open API:s that make data available, it becomes both cheaper and smoother to integrate existing systems, for increased innovation and product development. You do not have to handle the same information in several different places and free up more time for qualified work for your business.

HomeMaker förenklar för bostadsköpare och bostadsbolag
HomeMaker tillvalshantering

HomeMaker Showroom

With our real estate program HomeMaker Showroom, you as a real estate company can offer your interior design choices really easily digitally. Your future home buyers and tenants can calmly visualize and make their choices in their future home or office, in 3D.

Eftermarknadshantering i Service

HomeMaker Service

With our error reporting system HomeMaker Service, you can easily delegate the tasks to the correct handler, and smoothly and efficiently communicate with all involved roles; customer, subcontractor and customer.


We offer flexible arrangements for projects and licensors, as well as consulting services.

User friendly

Simple and efficient for all users.

Cloud based

Accessibility everywhere.
No installation required.


Complete information about who has communicated what and when.


Statistics on everything related to your real estate projects.