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Our two products HomeMaker Showroom & HomeMaker Service can help you visualize your properties, manage material add-ons and at the same time offer you a great property management system for handling warranty issues & error reporting.

Our two systems are web-based & developed to help you as a project developer, construction company or manager to transform interior design, reporting and aftermarket processes into the digital era.

Our two products have several different use cases and you can read more about the different ways to use HomeMaker Showroom and HomeMaker Service via the menu option “Solutions”.


HomeMaker – a complement to your real estate system

Today, most companies have a property management system, a financial system and a CRM system. Oftentimes with several different modules and other additional systems. Historically, the real estate industry’s systems have, to a varying extent, been closed which has not favored the power of innovation and development opportunities. Nowadays, modern systems usually have open APIs, which is a structured way of requesting and submitting data between two different softwares.

HomeMaker has an open API that enables integrations with the systems you use today. With open APIs that make data accessible, it will be both cheaper and easier to integrate existing systems which will increase innovation and product development. You do not have to handle the same information in several different places and free up more time for qualified work to move your business forward.

HomeMaker Service usually serves as a complement to various types of real estate systems that you might utilize today. When you are allowed to invite and give permission to the external personell in any way you want. This could be customers, managers, contractors & subcontractors. Everyone involved in a on-going case has the opportunity to interact and communicate on the same platform. The forms that your customers use for error reporting is embedded easily and neatly on whatever web pages you desire.

HomeMaker Showroom is a perfect complement to other sales solutions. The solution can be embedded as either a link or an iFrame on your project pages, websites, apps or used on your screens in your real estate offices.

Let us contact your system suppliers to investigate what opportunities they have when it comes to connecting with HomeMaker. We also help with work related to embedding forms, iframes and links in the best possible ways.

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