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HomeMaker Sales Start
Creates engagement in the stakeholder stage


HomeMaker Sales Start

HomeMaker Sales Start is a public link where potential home buyers is able to browse through Add-ons available in the project.  Our solution can easy be embedded in in the project developers web page and works as a great complement to other sales solutions and campaigns. 

HomeMaker Sales Start generate leads, which is more important now than ever. 

Marketing tool

HomeMaker Sales Start engages customers digitally and in social media when a housing project is in the sales start process. The possibility to see Add-ons that are meant for the housing project and browse in a 3D view a better glimpse of the project and creates interest.

 The project developers can through HomeMaker Sales Start see what type of housing and what type of Add-ons that are popular in an early stage.


The public portal shows Add-ons in 2D or 3D which reduces the need for the printed catalogues. 

Avoid unnecessary costs of print and let your customers visulate their potential dreamhouse through HomeMaker Sales Start.