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Project developers, construction planners, trustees and construction companies; Read more about how you can use our real estate planner tools.

Engage stakeholders as the sales process starts

The best 3D configurator on the market

Digital interior catalogue

Built-in inquiry form

Great tool for your sales team

Housing project management tool
Caroline Persson serneke
"HomeMaker is a great tool for showing our home buyers what materials and products they can choose from"

Caroline Persson, Customer- and Interior manager Serneke

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Digital add-on management

Unique customer account - communication & documents in one place

Easy administration & project tools


Basis for production & statistics

Digital add-on management real estate

Simplify your real estate projects – Get started with HomeMaker


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Increase of standards & Retrofitting

Engage the tenants by letting them choose options digitally prior to a renovation, ongoing management & retrofitting.

All administration is digital

Unique customer page and possibility to visualize the home in 3D

Perfect for real estate companies & construction companies

Take control of your Warranty issues

Have full control of your warranty issues

Make sure warranty issues are handled by the correct person

Import data from your inspections

Perfect for project developers and construction companies

byggplanerare garantiåtaganden

Manage error reports via ongoing efforts

Manage all project related errands easily

All communication in one place

Easy delegation, feedback & automatic reminders

Generate error reports for the high-level management

Real estate error report

Simplify your real estate projects – Get started with HomeMaker

With HomeMaker, you can manage all your real estate projects in one place. No matter if you’re a construction company or a real estate planner.

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