Real estate companies that use HomeMaker

Caroline Persson serneke
"HomeMaker is a great tool for showing our home buyers what materials and products they can choose from"

Caroline Persson, Customer- and Interior manager Serneke

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Martin Smederöd Consto
"With HomeMaker Showroom, I can easily act on cases or assign them to subcontractors or other managers."

Martin Smederöd, Aftercare at Consto

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lina netz
"With HomeMaker, it becomes very clear and easy for the customer to make their choices. Essentially, the system becomes the go-to-place where customers can see what choices are available."

Lisa Netz, Founder of DuoCo

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HomeMaker is at your service

There is nothing we at HomeMaker are more proud of than our customers and all the real estate companies that work with us. In the above section, feel free to read about how some of our customers use our products. HomeMaker Showroom is used in the early stages of the sales process, for add-on management and retrofitting projects. Our clients use HomeMaker Service for tasks such as managing error reporting, warranty issues & other types of case management.

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Real estate companies that use HomeMaker