Interview with Serneke about how they use HomeMaker

Interview with Serneke about how they use HomeMaker

When did you start using HomeMaker?

Our first project for Serneke in HomeMaker is one called Stenhuggaren and located in Strömstad. The project initially started without HomeMaker but was launched for buyers in February 2019 and stakeholders in June 2019.

How long have you been working at Serneke and what is your role at the company?

I have worked at Serneke for almost two years and work as Customer and Interior Manager. Part of my role is to develop and maintain the interior design standards that we offer in our housing concept.

I look at the products and materials we offer and keep our range updated in HomeMaker.

How do you work in HomeMaker and how does the system simplify your daily work / what were the challenges before?

By arranging part numbers, pictures and product updates directly in the system, it is a convenient way for the projects to always get the latest.

The HomeMaker Showroom is above all a good tool to show our home buyers what materials and products they have the opportunity to choose from.

How many projects have you completed in Homemaker so far?

Right now we have 5 ongoing projects that are all in different stages.

What benefits have you noticed from this and have you received any feedback from your customers?

Tura is a project that we started before the interior portal was completely ready for display and we have sold incredibly well in the project. The customers’ response to the portal is coming at a later stage when it is time to make their interior choices.

However, we believe that a combination of the portal and our renderings gives stakeholders a clear picture of what they can expect if they buy an apartment in the project.

Caroline Persson Vrace, Customer- and Interior Manager at Serneke

Serneke has several active projects in HomeMaker Option where your customers get a unique customer page and can make their options online. What benefits have you noticed?

We believe that it is now difficult to manage without a program like Homemaker, it is a neat way to present the materials and adds value to the buyers.

Another advantage is that customers can see how much the different choices cost and a summary of this.

Do you have any new exciting projects going on?

We have several new housing projects underway in both the South and the West. Everything from condominiums in Gårdsten, an area where there are mostly rental apartments to more unique projects with fewer apartments in exclusive design in Fjällbacka.

Next to the trip into HomeMaker we have a project located in Vellinge, south of Malmö.

“HomeMaker is above all a good tool to show our home buyers what materials and products they can choose from”

Why is it important for you to offer options for your customers?

Home decor has never been more popular. It has become increasingly important to express one’s personality in the home as well, but also to create a secure base where you feel that you feel at ease.

By offering options we want to enable and simplify this for our buyers. We also want to offer the opportunity to upgrade certain materials and products so that buyers can really customize the home to their needs and desires.

Why do you think it is important with a digital transformation of optional management?

Everything is becoming more digital today which is positive for both us and the buyers. For us, administration becomes easier and for buyers it becomes more accessible.

Why do you think it is important to showcase digital at an early stage?

It is important for us to be able to show at an early stage what the buyers can expect from us in terms of the whole process of a home purchase. It is a big purchase and we want the buyers to feel safe and know what decor they will be able to choose from for their particular apartment.

HomeMaker Sales Start

Have a look at how Serneke has chosen to present its product catalog with HomeMaker Sales Start.

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