Interview with Consto about how they use HomeMaker

Interview with Consto about how they use HomeMaker

How did you work at Consto AB before you started working with HomeMaker?

There was a constant email correspondence with us at Consto where the various projects and their technical managers communicated with the former site manager. The site manager forwards it to the project manager, who in turn would get installers there.

The feedback was almost non-existent and it often became a roundabout in communication where it was difficult to get feedback in the food chain.

Martin Smederöd Consto
Martin Smederöd at Consto

Which were the biggest “bottlenecks” in the past?

The biggest time thief before we started working in HomeMaker Service was that cases were in many cases prioritized down. It came as an email in the crowd which made it simply forgotten in the mailbox.

With our old way of working, it could take up to two weeks for someone to act and contact the homeowner.

How has HomeMaker Service simplified your work process?

With HomeMaker Service I can easily act on cases or delegate to subcontractor or other responsible person in the chain. Then I get in touch with the person concerned, usually within 1-2 days, and then plan an action plan.

Today we deal with a case of less than a week, which is a halving of the response time compared to before.

The process today is incredibly simple and time-saving, with a few simple button presses you can delegate matters to the right person. The fact that we also have all correspondence with the actors involved in the system (and during each individual case) facilitates tremendously compared to the fact that this is in every person’s mailbox.

Can you see any difference when it comes to how the various technical managers report their cases after you have implemented HomeMaker Service?

With HomeMaker’s system, cases are categorized much better, we get a clearer overview of all cases and can see everything from which region the case comes from, whether it is a management or guarantee case.