Duoco interview about HomeMaker

Duoco interview about HomeMaker

Who are you and what do you work with?

Lina Netz, founder of the company DuoCo. We at DuoCo specialize in new production from an early stage all the way to the aftermarket. We help with the entire customer process from head to toe.

lina netz duoco
Lina Netz, Founder of DuoCo

In which projects have you used HomeMaker?

We have worked with HomeMaker together with two of our customers, Besqab and Conlega. At Conlega we handle the entire customer journey, from designing interiors to having the customer make their choices in HomeMaker. At Besqab, we are hired to help the customer in HomeMaker as well as with the personal interior design meeting.

What challenges do you find that HomeMaker has helped you with in your professional role?

Before HomeMaker came into the picture, the selection and product range were largely analogous. When working on large projects there is always the risk of the human factor. With HomeMaker we can reuse data and semi-automate the project set. HomeMaker has today created a process that is quality assured, with clear system for version management, digital signing and support for late changes.

What has your customer communication been like before and what does it look like now?

Previously, we worked with physical meetings and also physical sales material. The constant correspondence to correct late changes and edit excel lists often created a large workload, time pressure and room for error.

With HomeMaker you have all the customer communication in the system, the whole dialogue is in chronological order, which means that both the customer and we have all correspondence in one place.

We also think it is good that the customer can actually make their choices around the clock in HomeMaker as some do not want to be seen at a personal meeting.

How has HomeMaker facilitated your dialogue with the various parties within a project?

With HomeMaker you can print reports to suppliers, you can choose to print reports per apartment, stairwells etc.

When you work manually, you work a lot with excel and a lot of hours are spent on compiling data to send out internally and to the building. With HomeMaker, we can print numerous reports, specific supplier documents (eg Electrolux in specific housing etc), construction documents with the correct version number and send invoice documents directly to the economy. With regulatory control and version management, I know that we minimize fault construction that burdens the projects with high costs.

Through HomeMaker, we have halved the time spent managing customers’ choices. Besides saving a lot of time, I can focus on what is important, CUSTOMER MEETING.

In conclusion, is there any particular project or situation where you remember that HomeMaker made a big difference?

The work with Conlega is incredibly cost-effective and we save a lot of time because we were invited early in the project. We take HomeMaker from beginning to end. We have developed a clear and well-designed interior range, packaged in different interior styles.

This further simplifies the customer’s choice and creates great opportunities for the customer to completely carry out their interior choices on their own in Homemaker.

With HomeMaker, it becomes very clear and easy for the customer to make their choices. Essentially, the system becomes the platform customers use to see what choices are available. There, the customer can easily go in and make their own personal adjustments for how you wish to live and live in their new home.