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More effective handling of aftermarket- & ongoing administration

best crm for real estate

Tailored forms for the real estate industry

The best CRM for real estate projects – Manage anything from warranty issues and error reports. For properties, commercial buildings and social properties.

Delegation and feedback real estate

Delegation & feedback

Delegate the right tasks to the right staff, and communicate easily and effectively with all the parties involved in the project, such as subcontractors and clients.

mobile friendly crm real estate

Mobile friendly platform

Easy to use for everyone, both on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Carefully designed to work great outdoors – on duty and in everyday life.

Metrics and stats


Take control over warranty issues and error reports. Analyze the subcontractors correspondence, and understand how certain materials performed in each and every real estate project.

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Use your graphic style guide

Make your account branded – Use your company colors, logo & fonts to make sure all communication is consistent across the platform.

Inspection real estate

Data from inspections

Use ready made import features to get data from all your different inspections and handoffs. Or why not integrate other real estate systems that you use?

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Caroline Persson serneke
"HomeMaker is a great tool for showing our home buyers what materials and products they can choose from"

Caroline Persson, Customer- and Interior manager Serneke

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Martin Smederöd Consto
"With HomeMaker Showroom, I can easily act on cases or assign them to subcontractors or other managers."

Martin Smederöd, Aftercare at Consto

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lina netz
"With HomeMaker, it becomes very clear and easy for the customer to make their choices. Essentially, the system becomes the go-to-place where customers can see what choices are available."

Lisa Netz, Founder of DuoCo

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HomeMaker offers and open API that allows other systems to communicate with us. This enables integration with real estate systems, financial systems, CRM systems and other types of applications such as housing cooperative apps etc. For real estate systems, financial systems and CRM with non-public APIs, we can instead help you with import & export of the necessary data.

HomeMaker Service is a license-based software. Our pricing plans are based on the total number of active real estate projects under warranty or for ongoing property management: Simply the number of properties in existing holdings.

HomeMaker Service is developed for the entire construction & real estate industry. A high-tech CRM & errand manager for both warranty issues and error reporting. Our system makes it possible to connect all the links in the entire communication chain. From homeowners, tenants, technical managers, contractors, subcontractors, property managers to your local carpenter.

HomeMaker Service is both mobile friendly and cloud based. This means that you can easily access the system wherever you are at the moment. This also makes it easy for subcontractors to perform and report their daily work.

As we speak, you can manage housing, commercial and community based properties in the system. HomeMaker Service can be used for any business that have some type of errand/case handling of warranty issues and error reporting. For example, if you work with lifts, machines or other types of services, contact us and we are happy to tell you more.

At the moment, 600+ subcontractors are active users in the system. None of these have needed any coaching to get started, but of course we are happy to offer your subcontractors and other users help with onboarding, guidelines and support.

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105 023 messages sent

36 427 managed cases

679 active subcontractors

HomeMaker Service – The leading digital real estate management software

When you delegate a warranty issue or just a regular error report, you can also connect the case to a product, category, apartment, property or area. What truly makes our software the best CRM for real estate projects in the market are the invitation feature. You can easily invite subcontractors, technical trustees or tenants and communicate together when working on your real estate projects. 

Besides, with HomeMaker Service you will no longer experience messy mail threads, lost PDF:s and unaware clients.  You also have the opportunity to export statistics about how well your subcontractors are performing. Apart from this, you will also be able to analyze how many error reports and warranty issue each material is causing, but also download useful reports to hand over to clients and managers. 

In addition to the system putting you in the driver’s seat, you will also help your subcontractors and technical managers to get updated information about incoming cases in real time. When a new case is reported, the responsible person can easily mark the case as a normal error report or warranty issue, and then assign this case to the appropriate person. The right person gets notified via SMS, email or the browser and can easily manage the status of the case.

If you are a person that are responsible for several real estate projects or property portfolios, you might have the unpleasant experience of how quickly all those error reports and warranty issues might comes crashing at your desk. Even thoguh all cases are managed sooner or later, it is easy to forget the how the tenant feels.

We have developed HomeMaker Service with your tenants in mind. They can easily report their cases and attach images, so that in real life, during the actual case management, they will receive automatic as well as manually created notifications about the cases being reported. Case management in a platform is not about who’s handling the reported warranty issues or the error reports. The one who gets the most satisfied tenant is the one who keeps them informed with honest and clear communication about what is going on.

HomeMaker Service is just like HomeMaker Showroom, a real estate planner built on an open API – designed to be seamlessly connected to other real estate systems that you already use. HomeMaker can be integrated with real estate system, housing apps, CRM systems and other business-critical databases.

Experience the best CRM for real estate projects