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HomeMaker was founded in 2015 with the purpose of helping people make informed decisions about the places they live & work in through their life. We do this by visualizing & gathering all property decisions in one single place. Of course with the possibility to integrate with other real estate systems on the market.

HomeMaker currently has 2 products, HomeMaker Showroom & HomeMaker Service. These two products help project developers, contractors & managers to help their clients make decisions about their homes & workplaces.

Our constant work is permeated by our five guiding principles: customer focus, quality, creativity, communication and responsibility. Our vision is to make our real estate tools accessible to all people and to allow them to create & modify the places they live & work in as easily & quickly as possible. We recommend you to Book a demo to find out more about or products.

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Our two products are not tied to a particular type of property. You can visualize & manage any type of property you want. Also, you can have all documentation, customer communication, warranty issues & cases linked to each specific property.

Of course. It is common for our customers to start visualizing their surfaces & choices in order to attract stakeholders, and then help the potential buyer to make their actual interior choices in the same place but behind a "login wall".

Our solution is tailored to each customer's needs & system architecture, hence the price varies. Contact us & describe your situation and we will help you further.

HomeMaker Service is designed to tie the whole communication flow together; From the waiting customer, to the responsible project developer, to the contractor & the subcontractor's phone.

Yes of course. Both for administrator & the end customer.

We offer an open API with great documentation, ready to be integrated with your other real estate systems.

Many of our clients who manage real estate holdings use both of our products. HomeMaker Showroom is used to be able to visualize how retrofitting projects & its interior design will actually look like to motivate rent increases. HomeMaker Service is used to handle error reporting, to get an overview of warranty issues and to build their data for informed future decisions.

The technical facility managers who use our management system HomeMaker Service usually feel that they get a better overview of their cases. They also avoid unnecessary pressure from their clients.

Because people renovate more and make more choices if they can see how the end result looks before ordering. HomeMaker Service can be used to reduce their costs, their time on administration & to have a more efficient case management for error reporting & warranty issues..

You can use HomeMaker Showroom to digitize your customer journey, add-on management, interior design and other benefits that come with it. You can use HomeMaker Service to get a good overview of your case handling of error repors & warranty issues. This ensures that you collaborate with the best contractors & give your customer the best possible experience.

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